Hardware Designed for Kids by Quentin de Coster

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TIBOU-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_1Belgian designer Quentin de Coster has designed a suite of hardware items specially designed to do double duty in children’s rooms. A collection created for the Brussels-based hardware brand Vervloet, the TIBOU collection is meant to address kids’ natural tendency to use door handles and drawer pulls as hanging devices for their clothes and accessories, and, in so doing, compromising the hardware’s primary purpose. By incorporating a hook into the overall design of each piece, de Coster has created a striking brass-and-nickel hardware collection for children that’s unusually grown-up in its visual elegance, but wholly child-sensitive in its functionality. TIBOU-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_7TIBOU-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_5TIBOU-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_9TIBOU-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_3TIBOU-designed-by-Quentin-de-Coster_8

Images: Quentin de Coster

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