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Grain Edit: The Wood Collector by LZF Lighting

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Furniture + Lighting, Modern Decor + Objects

tumblr_n3e0qhcW5U1sa16bbo1_1280New materials may come and go with the times, but wood never loses its allure. Just ask Spanish lighting company LZF, whose ravishing pendant lights exemplify some of the most innovative contemporary applications of wood anywhere. And, as if to reinforce their faith in wood, LZF not long ago launched The Wood Collector, an archive of images devoted to showcasing the art of wood working at its inventive and beguiling best. The point, of course, being that, despite the advent of fleeting technologies and newfangled materials, woodwhether cut, carved or bent, sanded, polished or pressedremains the real and enduring thing. tumblr_n4p2ewjKwv1sa16bbo1_1280tumblr_n4p2lliSbA1sa16bbo1_500tumblr_mygaux1lUV1sa16bbo1_1280tumblr_n1aw7c25Af1sa16bbo1_500tumblr_mr6ak1mM5q1sa16bbo1_1280tumblr_n4p2qnt3Jf1sa16bbo1_500tumblr_n47prh16qn1sa16bbo1_1280tumblr_mu4hzluetp1sa16bbo1_1280tumblr_mygb3sMilb1sa16bbo1_500
Images: The Wood Collector

One Comment to "Grain Edit: The Wood Collector by LZF Lighting"

  1. Just amazing design with wood.

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