Yves Behar Promotes Connected Gardening, With Edyn

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603c0c7d3bd511b34a7e57c0a11e133b_largeEven novice gardeners have big dreams, and Edyn, a new gardening system, promises big things to weekend gardeners and expert growers, alike. A two-component systema sensor which, when ‘planted’ in garden bed, monitors soil conditions and transmits the data via a smart phone app; and a solar-powered valve which automatically waters, based on cues from the sensorEdyn’s promise is sure to resonate with anyone who has ever despaired over plants that refuse to thrive, despite their best efforts.

Edyn is the brainchild of Jason Aramburu, “a soil scientist, social entrepreneur, and garden geek,” who aims to take the guesswork out of gardening with accurate assessments and instructions aimed at promoting the growth of beautiful, sustainable gardens—while fostering a deeper connection between gardeners and their patch of earth. Edyn’s unobtrusive designsimple and sunflower-yellowcreated in collaboration with Fuseproject, the renowned San Francisco firm headed up by Yves Behar, has the added advantage of appealing to design enthusiasts, though Aramburu’s goals are loftier. A partnership with Slow Food USA will funnel a portion of Edyn’s Kickstarter fundraising towards Slow Food USA’s food-growing initiatives in the U.S. and abroad. c9f963ee728403b326f0e4aca15adcc8_large271392a056d0d997ab384932f34736d2_large1f8c584dc8a9ea65d8d2e8f4fb224247_largecf44c910983f0b7d70e0b1d552f52fbf_large99375a20f3dd67a2289d69272fd7cf7f_largeImages: Kickstarter

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