Coca Cola Imagines ‘2nd Lives’ for Coke Bottles

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coca-cola-2nd-life-designboom01When life gives you lemons….

With ongoing bad news related to sugary drinks, and its undeniable complicity in the proliferation of plastic waste, the Coca Cola company may be forgiven for feeling a bit persecuted of late. But, give them credit for trying to generate some good eco-centric press for themselves.

Coke’s latest ‘green’ initiative, the 2nd Lives campaign, comes in the form of a suite of 16 bottle caps being marketed to consumers in Vietnam, each designed to screw onto a used soda bottle, turning it into something useful, even playfullike a squirt gun, pencil sharpener, or bubble maker.

Whether or not the plastic caps themselves will present an environmental hazard is anyone’s guess at the moment, but, for now, we’ll acknowledge that the marketing team at Coca Cola knows something about turning, uh, lemons into lemonade.


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  1. spacesculpt

    Jun 8, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    This is an interesting idea. I am curious to see if anything like this will actually happen. Thanks for sharing!

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