Building Blocks for Budding Architects from Barcelona’s Mitoi

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Mitoi-Toys_dezeen_784_5Barcelona toy company Mitoi, founded by designer Marc Castelló, has a pair of building block sets which eschew the generic “wooden blocks without meaning” for a collection of blocks that can be fashioned into famous architectural landmarks. With Mitoi’s chunky birch wood blocks, kids can construct simple, stylized, but instantly recognizable versions of iconic buildings, each assigned a bright monochromatic color, when correctly completed.

The Miciti collection keeps it local by focusing on Barcelona landmarksincluding it’s most famous built structure, Antoni Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia; while the Miworld collection goes international with blocks that may be assembled into the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, among others.

A children’s product designer who also happens to love architecture, Castelló sees his building blocks as moving a step or two beyond the toys’ traditional parameters (developing motor skills, encouraging problem-solving, fostering creative thinking) by instilling in children subliminal architectural awareness: “I would like children to learn the relation between colors and form and to learn something about their urban landscape and the buildings closest to them.” Nothing childish about that.Mitoi-Toys_dezeen_784_4Mitoi-Toys_dezeen_784_1-1Mitoi-Toys_dezeen_784_3Mitoi-Toys_dezeen_784_0

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