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Barbecue Basting Brush With Beaker by Eva Solo

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

571098_Grill_basting_brush_no_container-1Adding elegance to the act of barbecuing may be a losing proposition, but Danish brand Eva Solo provides hope by consistently turning out some of the most visually appealing grilling accoutrements anywhere. This characteristically refined silicone basting brush has been given a small stainless steel lip that fits snugly onto the side of an accompanying beaker—which, in turn, keeps glazes and sauces at hand, and basting brush and messy drippings in check. Grilling neatniks, rejoice.571098_Grill_basting_brush_oil_2-1571098_Grill_basting_brush_3571098_Grill_basting_brush

Image: Eva Solo

One Comment to "Barbecue Basting Brush With Beaker by Eva Solo"

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