An Ode to Fame: The Paparazzi Project

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WQLZ2MPebpj34Z7omAuMZh8Wf2QFnuZ16jXR3_ck_KwTo the hounded famous, paparazzi sightings may be cause to turn tail and run, but one hotel is giving the infamous brand of celebrity photographers a glowing welcome. Manhattan’s Row NYC, a boutique hotel in the city’s Time’s Square neighborhood, has just introduced a penthouse suite that’s an ode, of sorts, to fame—and to at least one lens-happy star chaser.

The Paparazzi Project, a 1,000 square-foot penthouse, is a collaborative endeavor involving celebrity stylist Lionel Renard, and the photographer Ron Galella, a “Paparazzo Extraordinaire” octogenarian whose dubious distinction, among many, is having been punched in the face by Marlon Brando.

Galella’s arty black-and-white photographs of Mick Jagger and other pop cultural figures adorn the walls of the Paparazzi Project, keeping company with glamorous symbols of bygone Hollywood glamour, viewed through a decided New York lens: moody swathes of shiny black; generous doses of marble, steel and glass; Mid-Century icons Saarinen and Swan, Egg and Sputnik. If fame is to be a prison, being held captive in this place doesn’t look like such a bad bargain.OKAl5qfUAy_02DiNxiKyRAo2sSGiC4bA8Gc3fKaK4soJxPUVPEtmYKrS7jV6rXbNp2Yed_A6NCSDmwfEQS0LBcEA8P2Bd1HVXTgqSqUSYwHWW_cdkvISqgGdAGygX8BRY3RxLDsMg4eto9reVQkbLCnC1z8Iq3_Wpmd_NW7qKLZg1Mt1jSTrwJQPrQBhupfNzvozwtfHfFKPOzBahNKSvmUZCii9JgEk5Ji_AYXd0mB0mcldg-CJdB5FELxxGVUKWYImages: Row NYC

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