The Cat’s Meow: Lui Cat Scratcher

Modern Decor

lui_9Pet owners who’ve long since subjugated their aesthetic desires in favor of keeping their furry friends happy have something to finally crow about. The Lui Cat Scratcher from Brooklyn design studio Modko is handsome enough to be mistaken for human seating, but presents an ideal scratching surface, lounging area, and all-around playground that felines will find impossible to resist. Hand crafted from earth-friendly corrugated cardboard, the gracefully shaped Lui is strong enough to hold cats as hefty as 23 pounds, and enticing enough to keep restless claws off more precious furnishingsall the while projecting the kind of contemporary visual elegance rarely reserved for pets. Purr-ty impressive, we say.


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  1. Barry

    May 26, 2014 at 9:29 am

    That’s pretty awesome… I wonder how it’ll hold up to persistent scratching from cats. But definitely something to put on the wish list.

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