Scenes from New York Design Week: Modern Lighting at ICFF

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10311203_1383343948621122_1909553221_nWe were in New York for the weekend, and the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) was, as always, a New York Design Week highlight, serving up a visual feast of products by an international roster of designers and brands. There was more than lighting on display, of course, but we found ourselves particularly taken by a slew of gawk-worthy lighting designs from names both storied and on the rise. Here, snapshots of the shapes, textures and colors that lit up the eventand ignited our imaginations.914356_781369555229531_1483953619_nOrigami lamp shades from Cool Kids (top) and Cloud chandelier by New York’s Apparatus Studio (above).1516653_672980379435220_1347019331_nArik Levy’s Jar RGB Lamps for Lasvit  10349806_754925381196145_664056045_nCloud Softlights by Vancouver’s Molo10326474_291253334382693_569872655_nCintola Pendants by Tom Kirk Lighting10387957_497901043642874_1952323622_nAvram Rusu Studio’s Confetti Glass Pendant10299867_1410093455938311_984539363_nGlass cube clusters from Shakuff10311125_631552643589128_869634948_nMori LED pendants from Brooklyn’s Rich Brilliant Willing.10354414_701788383201310_1161554199_nBlue Maccaw chandelier from Bespoke Global10369483_302747009888552_211119079_nPortable Follow Me lantern by Marset.

Images: Promila Shastri

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