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Paul Smith Dresses Up the Anglepoise Lamp

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

Anglepoise-lamps_Paul-Smith_dezeen_2Developed in 1931 by an engineer, and remade and refined by designers over the ensuing decades, the patented spring-based Anglepoise task lamp remains an icon of British industrial design. Now, fashion designer Paul Smith, something of an English icon himself, has given the famous lamp a subtle remake, applying his signature vibrant color scheme to the unmistakable profile of the Anglepoise Type 75. Introduced at London’s Clerkenwell Design Week festivities yesterday, Smith’s remake of the Type 75, itself a 2004 reinterpretation of the original, by designer Kenneth Grange, showcases a suite of 6 colorshot pink and bright yellow amongst them—each chosen to define the lamp’s various articulated aluminum elements, and presenting the solidly monochromatic Anglepoise range with its first multicolored iteration. We wouldn’t call this a remake so much as a wardrobe change, but when you’re Paul Smith, that may amount to the same thing.


Images: Anglepoise; Dezeen

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