Living Color: Artist Jim Isermann’s Case Study House

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palm_springs_8459.jpeg_north_1160x_white-1The eternal sunshine of the California desert and a 1962 Case Study house by Donald A. Wexler provide an idyllic context for the paintings of Jim Isermann. The American artist’s sunny, hard-edged paintings, with their Pop Art-invoking liveliness and vivid 60’s color palette are of a piece with his pure white housea flat roofed gem, bearing Wexler’s signature combination of glass, steel, and concrete, and built during California’s golden age of Mid Century residential architecture.

In restoring the house to its original splendor, Isermann has opted to keep things simple by limiting the furnishings to the same periodsourcing vintage jewels by Florence Knoll, Eero Saarinen, Mies van der Rohe, and Verner Panton, and creating an interplay of luscious monochromes to match the tonal intensity of his own paintings, all on vibrant display throughout the house. Keeping things simple, Isermann shows us, doesn’t have to mean playing it safe. palm_springs_622.jpeg_north_1160x_white-1palm_springs_6675.jpeg_north_1160x_white-1palm_springs_622.jpeg_north_1160x_whitepalm_springs_8221.jpeg_north_1160x_white-1palm_springs_8459.jpeg_north_1160x_whitepalm_springs_8221.jpeg_north_1160x_whitepalm_springs_6675.jpeg_north_1160x_white

Images: AD Magazine

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