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Screen shot 2014-05-20 at 2.02.10 PMAt ICFF this past week, we were duly wowed by the striking designs presented by kinderGROUND, the Manhattan-based modular carpeting studio whose products are “designed for children, yet loved by all ages.” And little wonder, considering the graphically sophisticated, yet child-friendly, flooring options kinder GROUND offers.

Employing three basic shapeshexagon, diamond, and triangle—shapes cleverly chosen for the ease with which they interlock, the kinderGROUND carpet system can be customized to both the size and shape of any room with little fuss. Its non-slip backing easily adheres to any floor, giving rise to a slew of geometric configurations vividly realized in the stark relief of high/low hand-tufted carpet pile.

A range of 37 designs, featuring a signature color palette of 8 Mid-Century inspired hues, makes mixing and matching motifs a breeze, while the carpet’s all-wool durability translates well to high traffic areas. Kinder GROUND has, you might say, all bases beautifully covered.

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Images: Kinder GROUND

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