ICFF Highlights: The Detail Story

Modern Decor

10299707_261443430706870_710010271_n-1Whether or not ‘god is in the detail,’ as Mies van der Rohe is reputed to have said, details do tend to reveal much about the big picture. On carpets, wallpaper, tiles, and fabrics; woven, printed, sculpted, and cast, the patterns and motifs on display at this year’s ICFF were impossible to ignore. Rendered in black-and-white or hand crafted in multicolor, abstract or illustrative, small stuff grabbed our attentionboth for what they told us and for how they looked. Here, some favorite close-ups.10251361_704400736265742_851185205_nWhimsical Rainbolts wallpaper by Aimee Wilder (top) and LED-laced wallpaper by Meystyle (above)10354495_637271283019113_1623698804_nOptical illusions wallpaper by Quirk & Rescue10401774_1450193455222374_1041210918_nGeometric rug by Emma Gardner914701_237965596404298_1141673281_nDetail of Mosaics rug collection by Classic Rug Collection1169949_1450540055186663_1272457560_nLustrous fabric by Bernhardt Textiles10311118_1456712857908349_987041327_nTextured hexagon tiles by High Style.914352_1422585261338941_847200873_nCeramic bricks by Bespoke Global10326565_745441392166558_1561531657_nNLXL’s Archives wallpaper by Studio Job10175339_522683911187143_1075575545_n

LED speckled wallpaper by Meystyle

Images: Promila Shastri

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