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Exclusive James De Wulf Sale: Save 15% through May 29th

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

JDW montage2

There are other ping pong tables, of course, but is there one elegant enough to double as dining table? We’re guessing nowhich is only one of many reasons to take advantage of our exclusive James De Wulf sale. The James De Wulf Concrete Ping Pong & Dining Table, a solid modernist statement if there ever was one, along with our entire collection of James De Wulf furniture, is on sale at an exclusive 15% off, now through May 29th. Simple forms and cutting edge technology make an ideal summer blend, wouldn’t you say? Shop the entire collection here.

One Comment to "Exclusive James De Wulf Sale: Save 15% through May 29th"

  1. When i think that there are no more surprises on the furniture world, i see this!

    Furniture + Sports combined. Lovely concept.

    Its a subject to think about.

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