Boom Boom: Faceted Speaker By Matthieu Lehanneur

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Boom-Boom-by-Mathieu-Lehanneur_dezeen_ss_4A speaker small enough to hang on one’s wrist, but which puts out a mighty sound? Well, sure, says French designer Matthieu Lehanneur, whose faceted speaker for audio brand Binauric does just that. The aptly named Boom Boom is a speaker wrapped in a 20-sided module, a shape deliberately chosen for its potential to project a big sound (emitted from the perforated holes on half its surface area) while remaining compact enough to tote around with an attachable wrist strap.

Bluetooth-ready, available in 3 elegant colors, and with its own Apple or Android app, Boom Boom also happens to be plenty handsome. Says Lehanneur, “One of the challenges of Boom Boom was to increase the inside volume without increasing the size of the product itself. In terms of sound, the more inside volume you get, the more generous sound you create.” Here’s to Boom Boom’s (and Lehanneur’s) fine-looking generosity.Boom-Boom-by-Mathieu-Lehanneur_dezeen_8Boom-Boom-by-Mathieu-Lehanneur_dezeen_3sqBoom-Boom-by-Mathieu-Lehanneur_dezeen_6

Images: Dezeen

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