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An Instantly Filtered World With Tens Sunglasses

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Talk about a nostalgia trip! A trio of smarty pants Scottish designers are clearly onto something with Tens, the sunglasses that, when donned, instantly transform every mundane walk down the street into a real-time film strip from the pre-digital age. By capitalizing on the Instagram crazeand our apparently insatiable desire for an alternate realitythey’ve customized a stylish, if ordinary, pair of sunglasses with a specially treated “sense-heightening” lens tint that adds just the right hue of amber to “make your day look ten times better.” When that promise almost immediately rewards its inventors with the means to fund their project (via crowd-sourcing site Indiegogo) six times over, it’s safe to say that a whole lot of people are in search of a better-looking day. Tens is expected to be available in June.Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 11.33.27 AM20140506134716-TheLens220140507103221-Tens-3320140507100217-Tens-3120140506061318-Image1

Images: Tens

One Comment to "An Instantly Filtered World With Tens Sunglasses"

  1. What stunning photography! I’ve always wanted to see life through an instagram filter.

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