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Vivid New Layers from Axo Light

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

Layers-Lighting-Vanessa-Vivian-Axo-1Italian lighting company Axo Light has just launched an arresting new lamp series called Layers, the latest addition to the company’s Lightecture collection, models tailored specifically to complement both small-scale and large-scale residential and commercial projects. Comprised of 7 different ceiling and pendant designs, Layers features a range of geometric metal skeletons, sheathed in horizontal strips of exquisitely detailed, silken pleated fabric. Available in 10 monochromatic colorways and 2 multicolor variants, the Layers collection is the newest creation of Axo designer Vanessa Vivianwho can rest assured that her vividly graphic lamps will likely remain amongst the memorable designs of the year.


Images: Axo Light

One Comment to "Vivid New Layers from Axo Light"

  1. Awesome lighting designs, more suitable for interior lightings. Pendant designs makes the light even more beautiful.

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