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Tokyo Elevations Print from Studio Esinam

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics, Local + Travel, Modern Decor + Objects

Tokyo_Elevations_table_studio_esinamSweden’s’ Studio Esinam, founded by art director Josefine Lilljegren and architect Sebastian Gokah, have added a new print to their limited edition Elevations series—a suite of prints that capture the essence of major international cities through the lens of spare, black-and-white architectural drawings. Tokyo joins Paris on the current list of feted cities, with Berlin slated to round out the trio later this year.

By focusing on the facades of each city’s emblematic architecture, the designers hope to “touch upon qualities to the architecture that contribute to the specific feeling the city imposes on you.” Anyone familiar with Tokyo’s imposing range of contemporary buildingsand very nearly futuristic skylinewill appreciate Studio Esinam’s elegantly realized architectural homage. Tokyo_Elevations_by_studio_esinam_2048x2048-1Tokyo_Elevations_white_studio_esinam_2048x2048-1

Images: Studio Esinam

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