Switzerland’s Artful Public Toilets

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111201_101_WCDoku_SS_13-1Lucky Uster, Switzerland. Thanks to Zurich architectural firm Gramazio & Kohler, its citizens get to enjoy public facilities that, far from being purely utilitarian eyesores, may well be mistaken for public art projects. Which, in a sense they are. Gramazio & Kohler set out to devise a highly flexible, easily constructed facade for the city’s public toiletsone that could be applicable to any cityand arrived at an artful solution involving decorative vertical panels compromised of folded aluminum strips.

Easily adaptable to needed parameters, the facade’s relief surface of geometric repeat patterns can be applied to both walls and door, lending each structure ornamental flair and the visual uniformity of a seamless cube. The color palettea scheme amenable to any color and environmental contextis deliberately varied in tones to create a “shimmering effect” that morphs in tandem with the changing light.


Images: Gramazio & Kohler

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