Picnic Style: Multi Basket by Norm Architects

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Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 10.38.31 AMIt may be a little early in the year for a picnic, but that may be beside the point when a picnic basket looks like this. Multi Basket, created by Denmark’s Norm Architects for Danish brand Menu, derives its name from its versatility as general carryall, as well as the additional containers it houses.

A clear melding of pure Nordic and Japanese design sensibilities, Multi Basket’s bento box-like design consists of a handsome black outer shell with handle; two immaculately crafted, bamboo-lidded airtight boxes (for holding hot or cold food); and a charcoal grey felt insert for holding accoutrements. Cleverly, the bamboo lids double as cutting or serving surfaces, and the primary basket works beautifully as general carrier or storage container.

But why waste Multi Basket on generic uses when even the most picnic-averse are bound to suddenly feel the urge to pack a lunch and head for the beach?menu-new-norm-multi-basket-picnic-basket-1http://www.crookedbrains.net/4300059-multi-basket-03.jpgMultibasket Large2-1

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