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Jonathan-Olivares-Aluminum-Chair-Knoll-2olivares_for_web_0005_OLIVARES_CHAIR_COVER_012.tifWhen you author a book called The Taxonomy of Office Chairs, it’s safe to say you’ve amassed an impressive knowledge base regarding chairs. And with that knowledge tucked away, Jonathan Olivares went about methodically creating the perfect outdoor chair, “not too heavy, certainly not too light, more comfortable than anything else, and something smart enough should it make its way inside.”

The result: the brand new Olivares Aluminum Chair by Knoll, a portrait in innovation, conservation, functionalityand, not incidentally, vivid beauty. A single piece of die-cast aluminuma mere 3mm thick at its thinnest pointdefines the softly curved body of the Olivares, the result of an exhaustive process in material experimentation in quest of a chair that met Olivares’ desired parameters with as little raw material as possible. Light (less than 15 pounds), strong, comfortable, stackableand available in a color range inspired by David Hockney paintings, the Olivares Aluminum Chair is, indeed “worth its weight on the planet.”

Now, through April 8th, the Olivares, along with our entire Knoll outdoor collection is on sale at a 15% discountand free shipping.


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  1. Contemporary Furniture Indonesia

    Apr 6, 2014 at 11:12 pm

    looks simple. but beautiful!

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