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Little Gems from Hinterland

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

hinterland_littlegem_group_lorez_1For the Calgary design studio Hinterland, raw materials are everything. Sustainably-certified timber and salvaged wood play a central role in Hinterland’s impressive range of “functional art,” which is to say, unusually artful objects that happen to be supremely useful as well. Notable amongst them is the Little Gem Side Table collection of asymmetrical occasional tables which Hinterland characterizes as “sculpture for indoors or out,” and who would argue?

Discarded cedar logs have been hand-shaped into faceted gem-like profiles that expose the intrinsic beauty of the wood grain, while ensuring that each table remains a unique work of art. Each table’s top surface is finished with a range of lustrous materialsblack granite, brass, marble, steel, and mirrorproviding a sleek and polished counterpoint to the tables’ primitive, organic forms. Consistent with Hinterland’s ethos of blurring indoor/outdoor lines, Little Gem Side Tables have been crafted to segue from indoors to outdoors, where cedar is primed to weather naturally, acquiring its silvery, but no less desirable, finish.


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