In Barcelona, A Modernist House by Antoni Bonet Castellano

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The Catalan architect and designer Antoni Bonet Castellano may be forever known as a designer of the Butterfly Chair (officially, the BKF Chair), but Bonet had a grander, if lesser-known jewel in his crown, too, residing on the outskirts of Barcelona. Casa Gomis, a sprawling Modernist summer house, was designed for Ricardo Gomis and his wife Inés Bertrand Mata, a couple so besotted with the architect, then living in Argentina, that they sought his services across continents. Bonet accepted the long-distance commission, and over a ten-year period1953 to 1963Casa Gomis came into dazzling focus.

Sitting amid a lush parcel of land, Casa Gomis’ low, horizontal profile, open floor plan, and unobstructed views afforded by walls of glass remain classic hallmarks of Modernism, of course. But Bonet ensured the house’s singular character with beguiling touches: a softly undulating roof—fittingly comprised of Catalan vaultsand decorative masonry latticework, embedded with colored glass. Still in the hands of the Gomis family, Casa Gomis emits the faded, melancholic beauty of great houses that are no longer homes, but whichlike all great beautiesmanage to retain their allure despite the passage of time.

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Images: Salva Lopez; Hyperbole

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