French Toast: Joseph Dirand’s Parisian Home

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13design-well-dirand-slide-81EW-jumboThe moment these photos of Joseph’s Dirand’s Paris apartment hit newsstands and computer screens this past weekend, you could almost hear the collective sighs of surrender. Only an architect, it seemsa French architectcould have possibly arrived at this supremely understated, yet utterly delectable brand of elegance.

Joseph Dirand is both, of course, and that may explain, at least in part, his seemingly effortless ability to create a home both universally admirable, yet enviably individual. Ornamental architectural details with modernist furnishings; restrained, yet sumptuous; orderly, yet unfussy; color-netural, yet visually rich: Dirand has an obvious instinct for esthetic balancedespite a purported disdain for design.  “I don’t care about style anymore, in a way I hate style,” he claims. Easy to say when you’ve got style to burn.13design-well-dirand-slide-BHMX-jumbo13design-well-dirand-slide-CBRY-jumbo-113design-well-dirand-slide-ZK5M-jumbo13design-well-dirand-slide-CBRY-jumbo13design-well-dirand-slide-S1BQ-jumbo13design-well-dirand-slide-JIE2-tmagArticle

Images: T Magazine

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  1. André

    Apr 23, 2014 at 10:18 am

    This apartment have such an amazing confort vibe. The details are perfect. I am now designing for a luxury brand called Brabbu, and the new pieces I´m developing fit this spaces perfectly. my last piece is called NIKU floor light…

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