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Dazzling Discocó: Final Day to Save on Marset

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

03_600Our Marset lighting sale ends today, and we couldn’t very well let it pass without mentioning the Discocó collection. Christophe Mathieu’s 2008 design for Marset is a show-stopper no matter the context, owing to its dazzling arrangement of 35 shiny circular discs, clustered and hovering ethereally around a chrome sphere.

A dramatic statement even in broad daylight, Discocó’s particular design emits the kind of nuanced light only possible by the play of shadows and reflection generated by its carefully composed individual elements. Whether in pendant or sconce application, whether suspended alone or hung in groupings, these photos clearly attest to Discocó’s undeniable power and magic.

To see our entire range of Discocó models and our collection of all Marset lighting, click here.

Banco-Madrid-5-600Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 8.39.03 AMDiscoco-beige-and-gray-600Discoco_susp-002-ORIG01_60002_600Discoco-35-hotel-room-600Sana-Hotel3-6004033d67722a988d3f2408cd5fc4e2c09

Images: Marset

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