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03_Best_Domestic_Design_Shoe_Stool_Koichi_Futatsumata-1It’s not often that we come across a task-specific piece of furniture, but Shoe Stool, by designer Koichi Futatsumata is an unusual and fascinating design solution. Compact and stylishand made for the specific purpose of putting on, taking off, and caring for shoesShoe Stool is comprised of seat, foot platform, and storage section for holding shoe-maintenance products. Ever mindful of the stool’s purpose, the designer has given its sleek, solid steel construction a durable trivalent chromate finish, one commonly assigned to tools. No wonder, then, that Futatsumata calls his Shoe Stool “at once furniture and heavy duty implement.”  shoe_s1shoe_s2shoe_s10

Images: Wallpaper; This is Paper

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