New Wave: SINE Clothing Racks

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SINE-Collection-by-Erik-Olovsson-and-Kyuhyung-Cho_dezeen_ss2-1The universal need for organizing clothes seems to induce designers to think deeplyand, in the case of designers Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson, to think mathematically. Their series of SINE clothing racks, exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair earlier this year, are distinguished by a wavy horizontal central bar, a design inspired by the wave symbol used to denote the mathematical sine function, and selected for its “regular tempo.” Which is to say that SINE allows for clothing to be effortlessly hung and organized at evenly spaced intervalsno small feature for anyone weary of stuffed closets and tangled hangers. Comprised of a marble base and powder coated aluminum rack, SINE is available in two sizes and a range of 4 colors, and comes with its own set of 3 different hanger designseach specific to hanging clothes, belts and scarves, and small accessories. studioeo_SINE_04SINE-Collection-by-Erik-Olovsson-and-Kyuhyung-Cho_dezeen_ss8-1SINE-Collection-by-Erik-Olovsson-and-Kyuhyung-Cho_dezeen_ss5

Images: Kyuhyung Cho

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