Federico Babina Remakes Art as Architecture

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archdaily2Does an architect always view the world through the lens of a built structure? It may be safe to assume some dolike Italian architect and illustrator Federico Babina, who has conceived of a series of illustrations in which iconic two-dimensional works by famous artists morph into 3-dimensional works of architecture. Paintings and drawings by artists from Warhol to Richard Serra, Lichtenstein to Damien Hirst, get reconstructed, so to speak, as buildings in Babina’s Archist project. While some aesthetic devicesfrom Mondrian and Serra, for instancelend themselves more convincingly to architecture than othersLichtenstein and Rothko fare less wellwe suspect all the artists chosen for Babina’s project would find themselves amused, even intrigued, by the possibilities.archdaily2archdaily2archdaily2archdaily2archdaily2Images: Dezeen

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