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Desk D’E-light from Philippe Starck & FLOS

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

de-light-2What’s not to like about a desk lamp with a sliver of a footprint and a dual purpose? Very littleparticularly when it happens to be a collaboration between FLOS and Philippe Starck, and has über good looks to recommend it, too. Starck’s D’E-light LED desk lamp for the Italian lighting company is a reductive design of the utmost order, comprised of stem, base and head fashioned in polished aluminum (now, offered in a matte black finish, as well), with not a useless extraneous detail in sight. D’E-light’s linear profile includes a handsome docking station for smart phones and tablets, a feature that doesn’t keep the lamp from operating at optimal energy efficiency. Enlightening stuff.

DElight_nera_07 Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 3.48.23 PMde-lightImages: FLOS

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