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If minimalism, esthetically-speaking, is the search for a state of grace, it’s fair to say that industrial designer Pablo Pardo can stop searching. Founder of the San Francisco-based lighting company, Pablo, the Venezuelan-born Pardo is a prolific industrial designer, whose early familial influences of art and engineering are winningly expressed in the range of reductive lighting designs produced by the Pablo brand. Propelled by an “essence of an idea” design credo, the Pablo company’s approach to lighting design marries the advantages of contemporary energy-efficient illumination with Modernist “less is more” design principleselegantly illustrated in a number of visually transcendent suspension and task lights.


If there’s a desk lamp that does more with less than Pablo Pardo’s LIM360a single strip of gently bent aluminum, outfitted with high-output LEDs, USB port, and 360-degree arm rotationwe can’t think of one offhand. The exceedingly simplified profile of this high-performance task lamp is a study in form and functional efficiency, and a lesson in treading lightly, comprised of 97% recyclable materials. And, not incidentally, LIM360 makes an undeniably artful visual statement.

LIM 360 >M4_PDP_Pixo_js_notextMinimalism at its whimsical best is embodied in Pixo, an enchanting task light with a slender profile and equally modest footprint that invokes a vaguely human form. A swiveling head that allows for upward, downward and sideways illumination, and wildly maneuverable arm make Pixo, a collaboration between Pablo Padro and his brother Fernando, every bit as impressive for its efficiency, ecological sensitivity and visual panache as LIM360. Is it any wonder that Pixo was a 2012 Red Dot Award winner?


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  1. Leonard

    Apr 2, 2014 at 7:00 am

    Wow I love the minimalist design. I know some people like to make a statement with their lighting, but on a work desk, having a super clean design helps me concentrate.

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