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Stockholm Furniture Fair: Ginkgo Acoustic Panels

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects

img_4_1390989097_b6f3edb8970e8255ca32a92a72929450It’s safe to say that sound-absorbing panels have come a long way from the clunky, brooding eyesores of yesteryear. At this week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, Swedish company Blå Stationent will unveil Ginkgo, an artful sound-absorbing system comprised of distinctively shaped individual panels made from hot-pressed 100% polyester felt.

The Ginkgo panels, so named for their likeness to Japanese gingko leaves, and available in a range of nature-inspired colors, can be repeated across a wall in a variety of scalloped, graphically arresting arrangements that manage to transcend their function and morph into something closer to art. Now, that’s what we call a sound design solution.


Images: Designboom, Blå Stationent

5 Comments to "Stockholm Furniture Fair: Ginkgo Acoustic Panels"

  1. These Ginkgo Acoustic, sound absorbing panels are eye capturing and stunning.It has a unique decorative effect. Loved them.

  2. How and where can I purchase these? They are awesome

    • Hi Brad. You’ll need to contact the manufacturer/retailer for that info; we’re only reporting on the product ;)

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