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‘Stay Warm’ Fabric Stationery Designs by SUPERMODULE

Categories: Art + Graphics

vinnieWinter’s frigid hold is not the only reason we’ve cozied up to these uncannily tactile note cards from SUPERMODULE, the San Francisco stationery brand founded by graphic designer David Riofrio. It’s true that his Stay Warm series of plaid and houndstooth motifs are particularly evocative this time of year, but its the deep expressiveness of Riofrio’s letterpress compositionshow smartly they fulfill Riofrio’s desire to create “extensions of the fabrics they mimic”that impresses us most. Thatand, well, what’s not to like about strikingly beautiful, skillfully executed graphics that can be applied to most any occasion?



One Comment to "‘Stay Warm’ Fabric Stationery Designs by SUPERMODULE"

  1. Beautiful! The full bleed is a nice touch, don’t see that typically in letterpress.

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