Scandinavian Minimalism from Denmark’s Menu

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emmas_designblogg_menu_2014_desk__52eaaddbddf2b3264c65be5cFollowers of Minimalism as esthetic religion always have a host of Scandinavian design studios to look to for inspiration. Denmark’s Muuto, HAY, Normann Copenhagen and Norm Architects are but a few of the contemporary furniture and product design makers currently carrying on the tradition of clean-formed, well crafted home goods, offering up something even for those with modest budgets. As these images from the 2014 catalog of Danish design company Menu attest, when it comes to preaching the virtues of refined monastic living, no one evangelizes better than our Nordic brethren. emmas_designblogg_menu_2014_norm_dinnerware_52eaaddcddf2b32589840614-1emmas_designblogg_menu_2014_table_52eaaddc2a6b22778d8913b4emmas_designblogg_menu_2014_vase_52eaadddddf2b3263b321dademmas_designblogg_menu_2014_basket_52eaadda88e59d984116ee1bemmas_designblogg_menu_2014_chair_ladder_table_52eaadda88e59d984116ee1c

Images: Emma’s Design Blog

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