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Richard Neutra, In Living Color

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

neutra_001Architecture buffs curious about what it may actually feel like to live inside a Richard Neutra-designed home can steal a voyeuristic thrill via photographer Jason Madara’s lush visual essay on this southern California Neutra houseimages that illustrate exactly why Neutra’s Mid-Century sensibilities continue to beguile a half century later.

All the requisites are herethe horizontal profile, open-plan layout, walls of glass, proximity to the outside worldbut what resonates is the house’s burnished warmth and relative modesty. No soaring ceilings and dramatic volumes in this gem; accessible proportions, material richness, and room for intimate communion are vividly on displayoffering a refreshing contrast to 21st Century opulence. No wonder we can’t keep from looking back.neutra_009neutra_006neutra_008neutra_011neutra_002neutra_005jm-neutra-and-frey-04neutra_010

Images: Jason Madara

3 Comments to "Richard Neutra, In Living Color"

  1. Thanks for sharing these great pic. The house decor is warm and welcoming.Bright colours make the whole place summery and vactionesque.Decor is well coordinated and in harmony.Great post.

  2. Nice collection of beds and sofas. i like it:)

  3. the selection of furniture is perfect!

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