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Macaron-Shaped Seating from Italy’s Li-Ving Design Studio

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

makastool1-c2437e99e0-3Taking a decidedly playful approach to furniture building, and designed with “a sweet and pleasant moment of relaxation” in mind, Italy’s Li-Ving Design Studio has created a suite of stools crafted to look like macarons. The Makastool, a design comprised of an upholstered ‘sandwich’ atop 4 wooden legs, and available in a series of authentically pretty macaron colors, is, according to Li-Ving, an interpretation of “irony and lightness.” We agreebut must admit that Makastool’s sumptuous cushioning looks pretty comfy, too.  makastool2-96f53d374dmakastool1-c2437e99e0-1

Images: Li Ving

3 Comments to "Macaron-Shaped Seating from Italy’s Li-Ving Design Studio"

  1. These Makastool by Li-Ving design studio are awesome.Love these colorful, unique and elegant designed stools.

  2. Macarons (one “o”), not macaroons. Macaroons are different cookies.

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