Having Words: H&M’s Summer 2014 Catalog

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Home Mid season SS 2014H&M Home has released its Spring and Summer 2014 catalog, and it’s clear that the Swedish clothing retailer has quite a lot to sayliterally. Across bed linen and candles, shower curtains and children’s decor, words and phrases and numbers and letters abound. Vintage signage, newspaper copy, stenciled numbers, emblems and postmarksand plenty to keep Francophiles happyhave all been co-opted for a range of modern home goods that express playful informality with a slice of nostalgia. Are we buying it? In a word: yes.Home Mid season SS 2014Home Mid season SS 2014HM-Home-Collection-Spring-Summer-2014-11HM-Home-Collection-Spring-Summer-2014-21Home Mid season SS 2014Home Mid season SS 2014SS 2014SS 2014

Images: H&M

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