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Full Blom: New Lighting From FontanaArte

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

FontanaArte_Blom_Andreas-Engesvik_01Just in time for the first blush of spring comes a beguiling new lighting offering from Italian studio FontanaArte. Blom, a table lamp with a stylized tulip profile, is a creation of the Norwegian industrial designer Andreas Engesvik, who found inspiration for his design in “the shifting light and seasonal changes of the Nordic countries.” Engesvik means for Blom to be both a symbolic and literal interpretation of that shifting light, having designed the lamp’s painted aluminum ‘petals’ to move around the axis of its baseallowing the glow from its sumptuous, milky-white bulb to be directed and diffused according to need. We feel the winter blues lifting already. FontanaArte_Blom_Andreas-Engesvik_03FontanaArte_Blom_Andreas-Engesvik_04

Images: FontanaArte

3 Comments to "Full Blom: New Lighting From FontanaArte"

  1. I just checked out FontaineArt. Absolute excellence in lighting design although a little pricey for my budget. Enjoyed looking though.

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