Tropical Prints That Pay Homage to the Beverly Hills Hotel

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beverly-1-banana-leaf-tropical-watercolor-print-green-leaves-the-aestate-preview_1024x1024Those with neither the proximity nor the means to stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel can take solace in these beautiful prints by Jessica Rowe. Rowe pays homage to the famous hotel’s equally famous Martinique wallpaper with Beverly, a suite of four watercolor compositions that, while highly evocative, are a good deal more nuanced than the wallpaper that inspired them. No wonder, then, that the breezy lightness of these banana leaf giclée prints has us tropical dreaming.  beverly-4-banana-leaf-tropical-watercolor-print-green-leaves-the-aestate-preview_1024x1024beverly-2-banana-leaf-tropical-watercolor-print-green-leaves-the-aestate-preview_1024x1024beverly-3-banana-leaf-tropical-watercolor-print-green-leaves-the-aestate-preview_1024x1024

Images: The Aestate

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