Striking Matchboxes from HAY

Art & Design

HAY_SS14_COLLECTION_004-2Why pay for matches when they can easily be had for free? Because matchboxes this pretty don’t come for free. Strike matches by Danish brand HAYwhich feature repeat patterns of phosphorous on the whole surface area of each matchboxare striking little jewels, made as much for display as for use. Varying sizes, seven delicious colors, and a suite of patternshexagons, circles, diamonds, and trianglesmake for a mini gallery of goodies that we think would look sweeter than candy sitting in a dish.HAY_SS14_COLLECTION_003-2HAY_SS14_COLLECTION_002-2-1HAY_SS14_COLLECTION_001-2HAY_SS14_COLLECTION_007-2-1HAY_SS14_COLLECTION_005-2HAY_SS14_COLLECTION_006-2

Images: The Goodhood Store

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