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Palm Trees & Color: Ravishing São Paulo Home Renovation

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

DM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-4As if the very fact of January weren’t enough reason to be tropical dreaming, along comes this blissfully beautiful home renovation by Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres, who transformed a tired 1970′s São Paulo house into a breezy, color saturated contemporary home for a couple and their young childrenproving that, when it comes to balancing color and pattern with Modernist leanings, Latin sensibilities remain incomparable.DM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-7Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 1.09.43 PMScreen shot 2014-01-29 at 1.09.36 PMDM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-1DM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-6DM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-2DM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-9DM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-5DM-House-Guilherme-Torres-Sao-Paulo-Architecture-3Images: Guilherme Torres, Knstrct

2 Comments to "Palm Trees & Color: Ravishing São Paulo Home Renovation"

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  2. I admire that tiling in the first picture, are they ceramic tiles?

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