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c14e3ba84eca29b715c73dda967d1820_largeIn this visually-saturated age, how do you ignite the imagination of a young mind? With the right mix of words, pictures and whimsy, for starters. San Franciso-based designer Michael Mulvey has arrived at thisand quite a bit morewith a Kickstarter project that we don’t mind calling a wild idea. Mulvey, an animal lover and collector of 19th and 20th Century illustrations, has conceived of Charms, Quivers & Parades, a suite of materials inspired by wildlife and their related, decidedly obscure collective nouns: a smack of jellyfish or an ostentation of peacocks, anyone?

Mulvey has smartly committed his richly detailed compositionsstylized, monochromatic illustrations, derived from vintage prints, overlaid with bold, single-word typographyto a range of handsome printed materials, including hardcover book, postcards, and poster, as well a series of wallpaper images for digital devices. Charms, Quivers & Parades is a winsome ode to wildlife, words, and the joy of discoverya project guaranteed to work its magic on children and grownups alike, and wholly deserving of an enthusiastic kickstart.


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