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IMM Cologne News: Fresh Colors for Artek’s Rocket Stool

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

Artek furnitureThis international furniture fair known as IMM Cologne (Internationale Möbelmesse) is in full swing, and Artek’s new offerings will include two fresh colors for their Rocket Stool, a solid oak 1995 design by the venerable Finnish designer Eero Arnio. Aarnio’s bar-height, three-legged Rocket Stool and its diminutive companion, Baby Rocket Stool, an interpretation of a traditional milking stool, were originally available in natural oak or a lacquered white or black finish. Add to that classic range, a most contemporary Jolly red and Moody Blue. Gladly, we say.131205_rocketcolours_photoshopped01Artek furnitureScreen shot 2014-01-16 at 2.03.00 PMImages: Artek

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