Hershey’s Chocolate, the Printed Kind

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3d_chocolate_printerWhat’s better than buying chocolates? Printing them at home, presumably. That’s what Hershey’s hopes, anyway, as it teams up with a manufacturer of 3D printers to devise a printer capable of churning out chocolate treats. Both 3D Systems and Hershey’s have a vested interest in making printed chocolate a reality: 3D Systems hopes to make 3D printing an accessible commodity, and Hershey’s sees it as another vehicle for delivering their product. Personally, we think there’s something special about chocolates that come pre-wrapped in shiny paper, but these fancy chocolate models do look like delicious alternatives to plain old chocolate Kisses.2014-01-17-image-6140116115635-3d-chocolate-printer-620xaUS-IT-CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW-CES

Images: CNN, Technabob, L.A. Times, Techspot

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