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Built at Last: Charlotte Perriand’s 1934 Beach House

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

5-louis-vuitton-Miami-Charlotte-Perriand-yatzerOne of the highlights of last month’s Art Basel and Design Miami events in Miami Beach was this compact Modernist house, designed in 1934 by the French architect and designer Charlotte Perriandbut never built. Thanks to the French fashion house Louis Vuitton, and with permission from Perriand’s heirs, La Maison au Bord de l’Eau, which took 2nd place in an architecture competition in 1934, was meticulously constructed on the sands of Miami’s South Beach. Expressing Perriand’s commitment to small spaces, the house’s compact size, smart storage and collapsible furniture looks as contemporary today as it appeared radical in Perriand’s time. “No one was interested in building it,” says Perriand’s daughter. Until 80 years later, that is. 22-louis-vuitton-Miami-Charlotte-Perriand-yatzer4-louis-vuitton-Miami-Charlotte-Perriand-yatzer08_Louis-Vuitton_Miami_Ch-Perriand07_Louis-Vuitton_Miami_Ch-Perriand06_Louis-Vuitton_Miami_Ch-Perriand05_Louis-Vuitton_Miami_Ch-Perriand06_Louis-Vuitton_Miami_Ch-Perriand-3

Images: Wallpaper

5 Comments to "Built at Last: Charlotte Perriand’s 1934 Beach House"

  1. Very nice designed with all those wooden furniture, it seems like a very comfortable and pleasant home in accordance with nature.

  2. Awesome and creative designs.

    thank you.

  3. I love the organic and modern character of the house. It is such a wonderful example about how a forward-looking architect or designer could catch today’s design approach many, many years before.

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  5. Your blog is awesome. Thank you so much for giving plenty of useful content.

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