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Party Mix: Retro Ice Crusher

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

d6W2C8L0Qoo-lob1hIoAxSc28dNBe8PHcwK8knbleE71b9nhoB5eEFpQA6mlHQLuebM9SJ8vqNrt0bBlUFx6=s550-cAs far as appliance indulgencesand party accoutrementsgo, this Rabbit Retro Ice Crusher is a worthy buy. When a frozen margarita or daiquiri (or just a bed of ice) is called for, this cool little number will do the job in minutes, and will look good waiting around on the counter, to boot. The metal top and acrylic base house hard-working moving parts that come with a lifetime warrantyso, there’s no need to be skittish about those crushes.5WyVRXa2sbRYbayK13P6dXdO8LFOMsb_K6voDu-4lIN6F6odlEeDnKVOMflx1yoNDl-KIJ1E5ya6QwIuMmgZ=s550-c
Images: Food 52

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