Outside the Box: Balcony Standouts

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seguin-designrulz-004Are balconies the rising stars of residential architecture? We won’t call it a trend (yet), but we’ve noticed more than one recent European project in which balconies are stealing the show (see another example here) from otherwise ordinary buildings. The Seguin apartment complex in Boulogne Billancourt, France, designed by Bernard Bühler Architects, got our attention for its melange of volumes—built in a seemingly random selection of sizes and angles—jutting out from the building’s facade. And if that wasn’t audacious enough, a kaleidoscope-like range of colored glass is called upon to further define these outside spacesensuring that the defining characteristic of the Seguin complex is its faceted, jewel-toned exterior. We’d call that a star-making performance.seguin-designrulz-001seguin-designrulz-012seguin-designrulz-002seguin-designrulz-003seguin-designrulz-011seguin-designrulz-006

Images: Design Rulz

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