Illuminating Bubble Chandelier by Souda

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Useful objects made from recycled plastic bottles aren’t necessarily novel, but beautiful objects that nakedly expose those raw materials are. The Brooklyn design studio Souda (a Japanese word that Souda claims translates into “oh, yeah!”) has designed and fashioned a sparkling chandelier made entirely of post-consumer PET bottles without bothering to disguise that fact.

Bubble Chandelier takes its light and flowery form from PET bottles—used in their entirety and “cleaned, cut, and riveted together.” And as if making beauty out of destructive things weren’t enough, Souda donates a portion of profits from each Bubble Chandelier sale to Sure We Can, a New York City non profit bottle and can redemption center which serves the homeless community—and from which Souda sources its PET bottles. Talk about an illuminating design solution! 8_Bubble-Chandelier-Green-Souda-18_Bubble-Chandelier-Green-By-Souda-7

Images: Souda

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