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08_Sep2013_Pierre_Paulin_Oyster_Ampersand House 2013
If you’re headed to Brussels anytime soon, put Ampersand House and Gallery on your itinerary. The gallery specializes in both vintage and contemporary 20th Century design, with a current exhibition, Colour Fields, featuring a mouth-watering collection of furniture, lighting and objet d’art called upon “to explore the connection between colour, geometry and architecture.” Doing duty are works by Jens Risom, Piero Fornasetti, Pierre Paulin, Bruno Mathsson, among other design gods, presented in the context of a series of well-appointed, exquisitely curated domestic rooms. Ameprsand’s curatorial goal is to “inspire a dialogue with and between collectors and creatives.” Well, consider us inspired.
07_Sep2013_Pierre_Paulin_Ampersand House05_Sep2013_Ejvind_Johansson_Ampersand House 201304_Sep2013_Edvard_Kint_Larsen_Ampersand House 201301_Sep2013_Bruno_Mathsson_Ampersand House 201302_Sep2013_Cees_Braakman_Amperrsand House09_Sep2013_Pierre_Paulin_Oyster_Ampersand House 201310_Sep2013_Theo_Ruth_Ampersand House 2013

Images: Amersand House and Gallery

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  1. Kingdom of Love

    Dec 17, 2013 at 3:24 am

    Fabulous pops of colour – complete contrast to the room style, but works perfectly

  2. Natacha Watson

    Jan 10, 2014 at 2:47 am

    There ar so many shapes… can’t choose! lol
    Those seem so comfy too.

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