Blue Twists from Nendo & Bombay Sapphire

Modern Decor

lime-pocket05_akihiro_yoshidaIt may be a prime example of finding a solution for a problem that doesn’t actually exist, but Lime-Pocket, designed by Japanese studio Nendo for the Bombay Sapphire gin brand, is a fanciful attention-getter. Capitalizing on the brand’s instantly recognizable blue bottle, Nendo created a blue silicone ‘jacket’ for the wedge of lime that accompanies gin-laced drinksproviding a firm grip for proper squeezing while also keeping fingers clean. The real purpose, though is a bit more calculating. “Since most spirits are clear, it’s always difficult to advertise the brand used in a particular cocktail. The lime-pocket is intended to solve this problem, stylishly and practically too.”lime-pocket03_akihiro_yoshidalime-pocket02_akihiro_yoshidalime-pocket08_akihiro_yoshidalime-pocket04_akihiro_yoshidalime-pocket06_akihiro_yoshida-1lime-pocket07_akihiro_yoshida

Images: Nendo

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