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A Portable House as Minimalist Statement

Categories: Architecture + Interiors


If being able to pack up and move to the middle of nowhere remains an enduring fantasy, thank the Spanish architectural firm ÁBATON for making it a bit easier. The Madrid firm has just designed a line of prefabricated Modernist portable homes that may be called idyllic, by any measure. The model homes in the ÁPH80 Series are no bare-bones camping trips, mind you. Comprised of living room, kitchen, bathroom, and master bedroom, each simply-shaped, mindfully appointed structure can be loaded up and deposited anywhere as a getaway abode. And then, most helpfully, when it’s time to leave, the house’s exterior cement wood boards can be used to shutter and seal the home completely, turning it into a fully protected, Donald Judd-esque sculptural object. Getaway? We’d be tempted to stay put permanently.
6-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer5-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer1-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer7-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer2-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer15-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer11-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer9-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer-112-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer-113-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzer14-APH80-portable-home-by-Abaton-photo-by-Juan-Baraja-yatzerImages: Yatzer

4 Comments to "A Portable House as Minimalist Statement"

  1. So how much does it cost approx. to build? Love it! Want to plant one in my fav Lake Mi beach town.

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